Vaya Con Dios Tattoo Profile:

Vaya Con Dios is a new concept tattoo studio in Bandung with the finest tattoos artist Mr. Dwi Willson. This tattoo studio tries to educate people about art of tattoo. We also want to bring tattoo to the next level by giving clients proper standards before, during, and after they do a tattoo. Beside the tattoo studio, we do also have our in house high quality clothing influenced by American classic workwear, without of course losing our passion for tattoo itself. From our point of view, there is always a connection between tattoos and fashion, so we take our chance to bring it to the top by combining both lifestyles under one roof.

Mr. Dwi Wilson Profile :

Dwi Wilson born in Bandung 1985, is a tattoo artist that specialized in New/Oldschool colors tattoo. He has been tattooing since 2001. He won a first place for New/Oldskool Tattoo at Paguyuban Tattoo Bandung 2011 competition. He guarantees that each tattoo that he made is based on full effort, and he takes tattoo perfection as his motivation to keep on tattooing. Today, he gained a lot of recognition by doing contrast colored tattoos.

Vaya Con Dios Tattoo Studio

Bahureksa St.20

Bandung, West Java


T : (+6222) 844 69391



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